Watch: Son Of Heavyweight Champion and UFC Champion Confrontation

Son Of Heavyweight Champion and UFC Champion Heated Beef

The reality is we can’t complain as boxing fans at the moment.

We’re very lucky really with the quality of the fights happening every week now.

A lot to be grateful for.

Much better matchmaking than years ago.

It has been stellar and very good in recent times.

That said boxing fans should keep going and demanding the fights they want.

It works.

You are more powerful than you even know.

It appears so much so that those from the world of UFC/MMA continue to want to fight boxers and get involved in boxing.

Latest being former UFC champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman.

Hasim Jr via Fight Hype YouTube:

Time will tell if Jackson will fight in professional boxing.

He’s also being linked with a fight against Shannon ‘Let’s Go Champ’ Briggs.

Imagine the quality build-up to that fight.

Could happen.

God is good.


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