We spoke before a few years ago about seeing more of these type of cross over fights.

Now it is maybe happening more and more due to boxing’s success with more MMA fighters wanting to fight boxers.

Or get involved in professional boxing.

The trend strikes again:

Interesting stuff for sure.

It is understood so far that the fight will be in Arlington, Texas.

It is apparently a mix of rules from both boxing and UFC.

This could be one of the first of its kind. Certainly involving high profile professional fight athletes at least.

Two minutes in a triangular ring.

What next.

A boxing ring hovering over a pool of alligators?

The winner wins by knocking out the other into the pool?

With killer bees released afterwards?


That said, you get the premise and sentiment.

Not everyone’s cup of tea of course but only interesting here from a boxing context that Pulev involved.

He challenged for the heavyweight title in boxing not long ago to former champion Anthony Joshua.

It is understood that the contest will be nine rounds at heavyweight.

No information yet on the weight or type of combat gloves involved.

Many of these novelty things are just temporary fads that come and go and don’t last but good luck to them.

Hopefully we see Pulev and his brother Tervel Pulev back in the boxing ring soon.


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One Of Boxing’s Most Concussive Punchers Faces Freddie Roach Pupil

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