Mike Tyson Reveals To Eminem Why He Started Boxing

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been on a roll over the last year or so with his new podcast.

A wide variety and array of guests have contributed.

Lately more from the world of boxing and UFC which is nice to see.

Not long ago he had lyricist and modern day poet (per Seamus Heaney) Eminem on.

A deep conversation which Eminem kicked it with Tyson and at one point prompted Tyson’s reply to why he started boxing.

Eminem saying on Hotboxin with Mike Tyson:

“It’s not about the money (for us) all the time. Right? So it’s like when you lose a fight and you get depressed it’s because your competitive nature and your competitive spirit is wounded.”

To which Tyson nodded in agreement and replied:

“It’s the reason we started (him boxing Eminem hip hop) doing this. Because we’re not good enough. It goes in your mind. We’re not good enough.”

To which Eminem replied:

“Yup. You was dope in The Hangover.”

Tyson went on to have a comeback in boxing with Roy Jones not long after in a hugely successful exhibition.

As for Eminem he makes the odd comeback here in there it seems these days.

On that note, this a pretty cool — slightly less foul-language produced than usual — collaboration with Ed Sheeran we stumbled across recently:

“Hip hop is in a state of 911.”


Profound even.

Some other good remixes of it here too:

As pertaining to Eminem.

Maybe we might see Eminem and the good doctor make some sort of comeback collaboration of sorts in the years ahead.

Can’t beat some of the old school hip hop at times.


Son Of Boxing Legend Returns Alongside Women's Boxing Legend

Son Of Boxing Legend Returns Alongside Women’s Boxing Legend

Maybe they’ll have their old buddy Curtis Jackson involved too. Who knows. God is good.

As Jackson said one time in one of his songs in another great tune:

“A O.G. told me God’s favorites have a hard time.”

Boxing and hip hop came together nicely for the Tyson vs Jones exhibition it must be said.

The event’s success worldwide spoke for itself.

Works if done in the right way.

Reached out to a new audience and respected boxing’s values and traditions at the same time.

Enjoyable when the appropriate balance is correct.

This was good too with hip hop artist Stormzy and former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua:

Each to their own of course.

As for Tyson in boxing.

Talks of him and Lennox Lewis getting together in a rematch (exhibition) were reported recently.

Time will tell if it happens.


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