It had to happen sometime.

That the great Manny Pacquiao would call it a day.

For his career in the boxing ring, that is.

Pacquiao has now confirmed that he has hung up the gloves as an active professional boxer:

The reaction to the news around the world of the Filipino boxing legend has been immense.

Not surprisingly.

One of the greats. No doubt about it.

Pacquiao leaves a legacy and body of work unlike that of very few professional fighters in history.

A world champion in eight weight classes.

World champion over four decades.

Oldest welterweight champion in history.

An incredible boxer, champion and human being. Boxing was lucky to have for his time here in the sport.

He is now running for President in his country next in life.

Something which will keep him very busy no doubt in the years ahead:

Politics and faith leaders alike need more people like Pacquiao in their ranks. Worldwide. During a time of deceptive, con artist, false prophets, scumbag, crooked, fraud politicians. Puppets.

Where the world now has completely lost touch with or any respect for all politicians and politics and no longer has time or anything to do with any of them. Particularly in some smaller countries in parts of the West in Europe, rest of the world sees through them now and things won’t be good for some of those crooked governments and politicians for a few years.


The Unwise Writing Off Of Former Heavyweight Champion

The Unwise Writing Off Of Former Heavyweight Champion

Whether politicians, European sports teams recently and the like, probably not going to get a very friendly welcome in America anymore for a while. Across the board from all people of any political beliefs or from corporate America too. Wonder what happened there. Better luck next time. Team USA doing okay. Nice to see.

Not as much corruption in the East or the poorer countries though. Pacquiao has a big opportunity to do a lot of good in The Philippines.


ennox Lewis Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

Lennox Lewis Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

That said, good men like Pacquiao trying to make a difference always positive to see. Best of luck to the God-fearing Pacquiao in his next journey. No doubt it will be a success. You are either a leader or a follower in this life. Be the hero of your own movie. Anyone can. Other than God, your own people/small circle/family and yourself, no one else is worth listening to. It’s as simple as that at the end of the day. Pacquiao knows this and will make him a success in anything he does from here on out. God will be with him every step of the way.

Down the road perhaps he will still be involved in boxing as a promoter or trainer in the future. You would hope.


Mark Wahlberg Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

Mark Wahlberg Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

For now, boxing has wished one of its finest champions a fond farewell.

Thanks for everything:


Mike Tyson Brutally Honest Reaction To New Heavyweight Champion

Mike Tyson Brutally Honest Reaction To New Heavyweight Champion

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