Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis knows a thing or two about big time heavyweight title fights.

One of the great champions in boxing history.

A style that would have translated to any era.

This weekend saw a new champion emerge. One of the very few in history to go from cruiserweight to heavyweight, successfully.

Alexander Usyk did so and alongside lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury the two now hold all the titles between them.

Lewis said afterwards of the fight:

One of the greatest boxing displays in a heavyweight championship bout in some time.

Surely Usyk will go up in most people’s pound for pound lists next week.

Time to take stock.

Congrats to Usyk and hard luck to Joshua. No doubt Joshua can comeback in the rematch in what should be another great fight.

A very good fight indeed the two produced.


Mark Wahlberg Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

Mark Wahlberg Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion