Mark Wahlberg Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion

Boxing took center stage this weekend in the UK in front of what looked like a considerable amount of fans.

Not really big news outside of boxing or outside of Europe but hardcore boxing fan actor Mark Wahlberg certainly tuned in.

He was quite happy his friend Usyk captured versions of the heavyweight title in a historic win over Anthony Joshua:

Indeed Usyk credited his faith in God for the win afterwards.

He also made a compelling analogy before the fight in this regard.

Asked why he believes if he cannot see God he simply said, the wind shakes the trees but you can’t see the wind can you?

Very smart guy Usyk. No doubt about it this generation on Earth is living in the last days for this Earth. Jesus Christ warned not to be deceived in these crazy times (Matthew 24:4). Discernement is all that is needed, not being judgemental of course, only God can judge anything or anyone, but discernment is wise in these times.

No one knows the day or the hour of course but this a good watch for down the road — sooner or later — for anyone studying all the scriptures at the moment — never change your beliefs for nothing or no one:

This one good too when understanding the adversary, the devil, more:

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