Roy Jones Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion Usyk

Roy Jones Reacts To New Heavyweight Champion Usyk

Alexander Usyk this weekend showed once again that size does not win fights in boxing.

David beat Goliath once again in 2021.

Usyk showed it isn’t about the size of the dog in the fight but rather, the fight ability of the dog in the fight, that wins fights.

One of the great heavyweight performances of recent times saw him win a unanimous points decision over Anthony Joshua in the UK.

Afterwards boxing legend Roy Jones said of the fight (hat tip IFL TV YouTube):

A rematch clause exists for a part two of the fight.

Likely to happen in the new year at some point.

What a win for Usyk though.

Him and lineal champion Tyson Fury now hold all four heavyweight titles.

Usyk credited his faith afterwards and thanked God for the victory. Mentioning God had his own plans.

What a display in the ring.

Usyk in the run-up once again came across as a great character, moreover. Something boxing, like all sport, needs.

Perhaps eccentric to some but genius to others. Very smart guy Usyk. Well done to Ukraine this weekend.

Usyk not only is a boxer but a very wise businessman in the crypto/blockchain market at the moment saying to old Musk after:

Usyk, as well as being a very funny and compelling character that boxing fans the world over have taken to. Great to see. Without doubt a future Hall of Famer.

Credit to Usyk and hard luck to Joshua who showed class in defeat.

This summed up a great moment in boxing after — great sportsmanship and what boxing is all about:


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