Watch: Canelo vs Plant Bareknuckle Altercation In Slow Motion

What a fight in store on November 6th.

In the fight capital of the world.

Las Vegas.

Pound for pound best fighter in the world Canelo Alvarez goes back to work.

Against undefeated champion Caleb Plant.

A unification fight in the super-middleweight division.

In many ways a throwback bout.


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Like the Billy Joe Saunders fight last time out for Alvarez.

Plant will need to show a different version of himself and fight to a new level.

To challenge himself to beat Alvarez.

He’s enlisted former pound for pound champion Andre Ward to help him try to do this.

Alvarez has shown an improving technical fight ability and mental strength in recent years.

On a regular basis (boxed three times this year alone). Unlike that of any elite level champion in professional boxing.

Hence why he is considered the best fighter in the world for a reason.

Like Alvarez, Plant has been forged in the sport over the long-term. He knows what it takes at the highest level.


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That is why some of these fighters are so special really. Their real-life stories are almost unbelievable. Why boxing has always been such a magnetic sport in humanity’s history. The world over.

Ahead of their fight the pair traded blows bareknuckle at a press conference this week.

While it obviously grabbed attention for the novelty of it. Expect more security at the next presser.

That said, some are missing the brilliance of the technical boxing and fighting displayed by Alvarez in real-time.

If you slow down the quickness of the slip. Quick slip of the jab on the outside. To make Plant over reach and position himself on the inside simultaneously. Then short left hand counter on the inside. Then stepping off again.

All done in less than a second:

Although Plant posted this after:

Look this is all just pre-fight antics on both sides typical with big time boxing.

The action on fight night is what counts.

This is going to be a genuinely very good fight. Some are wrongly underestimating Plant.

This fight will have it all.

Ability. Heart. Speed. Stamina. Punch power.

Expect every facet of boxing and the sweet science to be on display come fight night. At the very highest level of boxing.

Alvarez while looking hard to beat the moment was shown an excellent fight by Saunders last time out until he found that devastating punch in the end.

Expect Plant to box out of his skin and try to upset the applecart. Plant is a very good champion and will raise his game here. But he’ll know just one mistake could be deadly against the pound for pound best. He can’t be caught leaning in. Over reaching. Switching off. Even for a second.

What a fight in store. Boxing fans are in for a treat with this bout.

Roll on.


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