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Boxing Just Keeps Getting Stronger As A Sport Despite World Situation

Isn’t it funny, all the naysayers towards boxing years ago. Look where boxing is now as a sport.

No one has all the answers for these uncertain, changing times for the world at the moment. but boxing, as a sport, professional sport, still, leads the way worldwide out of any other.

While all predictions might be coming true at the moment for continued uncertain times with the changing world situation, be it increased inflation, cost of living in various countries, potential famine in some countries and potentially a major event for humanity by the end of the year outside of the world situation, boxing rolls on.

Despite all the ups and downs, changes, death, tragedies and everything in the world, boxing as a sport rolls on again.

When fights fall out, opponents step in.

Case in point, Ugas recently against Manny Pacquiao.

A life changing moment for the Cuban who realized his God-given destiny by becoming champion of the world.

This weekend some great action tonight in the UK too.

Yes, no matter what happens, boxing just seems to get stronger as a sport.

As time goes on, this continues to be proven more and more.

One of the few sports or things that can claim that during these past couple of years.

Professional boxing, still, the best sport in the world.

Look, boxing isn’t perfect either, nothing or no one is.

Anything or anyone that claims to be, is, without doubt, a liar.

Boxing needs to improve on various aspects of course and continue to take prompt action to make these improvements as a sport, sure.

Tough times don’t last, but, progress, overall, is quietly, relentlessly, unstoppably, constant for those who keep pushing.

It doesn’t happen over night but all in good time, God’s time. Watch and see.

Roll on tonight’s boxing in the UK.

Also, roll on some boxing action coming up here soon in Mexico. We’ve been very impressed with Mexico in fairness, brilliant.

More to come soon.

Enjoy the boxing this weekend and in the coming weeks.

No matter what happens in the world for the rest of the year, boxing will continue to get stronger and finish up on top, number one, numero uno, pound for pound best, head and shoulders above every other sport, worldwide, as the best of the best, sport in the world.

Professional boxing will be here until the end of the world, make no mistake about that:


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