Watch: Son Of Boxing Legend Goes 19-0 and Continues To Roll On

Good weekend of boxing just gone in the UK.

Catching up on it now.

Looked like a great atmosphere with the big crowds back in attendance. Katie Taylor making another undisputed title defense, impressive again. Surely the Amanda Serrano fight the only thing left for both at this point. Two of women’s boxing’s best ever. If they can make this fight next year, very good.

Josh Warrington and Lara fight ending in a technical draw after unfortunate clash of heads, maybe they can do part three.

Good win for son of former world champion Nigel Benn, Conor Benn also.

Here is the fight that took him to 19-0 (12 KO) against the tough Granados of Mexico:

Good learning fight for Benn, it will be interesting to see his level of competition next up.

Just catching up on everything at the weekend, boxing doing well despite the world situation.

Some good fights to look forward to this month and next.

We’ll be heading to another boxing event here in Mexico soon too. Looking forward to it.

Here a few weeks now, brilliant, obviously being away from home for so long now, over three years since back home in America and with family there, always tough, but here is kind of like home.

It’s the small stuff that gets ya, when the jet lag wears off, after a few weeks back on the right side of the world, the right time zone, climate etc. — it’s odd.

The spark for life and living came back again, initially, since been in America a few years back last time, after meeting some professional boxing people from America and Mexico at the start of being here but then, after a few weeks passed, realized, then, almost kind of back home now here in Latin America, which was very cool, to say the least.


Evander Holyfield Set To Make An Unexpected Return To Boxing

Evander Holyfield Set To Make An Unexpected Return To Boxing

Hearing the American accent in person again, talking to Americans in person again, 7-Eleven stores, Walmart, American diner restaurants. Isn’t it funny. It’s the small stuff that counts in the end. It’s kind of like home here. Right on.

Have not bothered with predictable, declining, boring mainstream media anymore, all the same stuff now on all the websites and TV stations etc. repetitive boring and always the same. Also, much not even covered. For instance, there is a heroin epidemic in Philadelphia at the moment but nothing on it in mainstream media. Talk to people from that State and surrounding States, and they’ll tell you what’s going on there. Yes, okay, carnage and tragedy in the world has always been in the news, trust me, I hear all the pain in the world, the old central nervous system recovery will get there eventually, but, that said, — life can be good too — if you want it to be. Impossible is nothing. For real. Just briefly, interesting to see some stuff about some Irish kid Rooney or something, some writer or something I believe, seems like a genuinely interesting, warm person. Read something on her take about celebrities and the garbage of fame. Very good. You are on the right track young lady, keep going, you’ll get there in the end 🙂

All in all, some days tougher than others with heavy heart away from home and family in America so many years now, miss them a lot, everyday, but in general, life never better. Home is where the heart is. At this point in life, having moved on, America will always be where I’m from, and, will always be my home, for as long as I am alive here on Earth, and, at this stage, where the only people I consider family live.


eofimo Lopez Fires Warning Punch To Next Opponent

Watch: Teofimo Lopez Fires Warning Punch To Next Opponent

Did well to keep fists to myself on recent short trip back to Europe, being separated from family and loved ones in America this many years would have driven most mad but patience is key. Turning pain inwards to avoid hurting others, while hurtful over the years, still survived so many times this long anyway. Anyway, besides, punch some bloody European slow witted civilian’s lights out or make one wrong move and that’s it then, would be goosed, travel and going home would have been gone down the bloody swanny then for good. Tough to walk away sometimes but not reacting and walking away the right move in the end unless self defense or provocation as last resort. Peace and trying to help people is always the answer. This oxygen stuff don’t last forever anyway.


Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented and Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented And Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

Fook it, turning the pain inwards and self sabotage really, I knew I could handle it, all the heart ache, tragedy and carnage for a few years anyway and could eventually come back, save other people from it, better off, the better way for a few years, what harm. We on the right road now. With that being said, Latin America is kind of like home for now. That’s what’s up and that’s what time it is. Fight isn’t over until the fight is over. Inner peace only can be found at the source of all things and creations, as any genuine believer and follower of God will tell you, no amount of the world’s strongest anti-depressants can do that. Only God can and that’s a fact of life. Seen it time and time again. Stay until the job is done. Back on the correct side of the world now, thank God. All day. Blessing in disguise this Latin America for now anyway at least. See you again America, Happy Labor Day, much love:


Boxing Just Keeps Getting Stronger As A Sport Despite World Situation

Boxing Just Keeps Getting Stronger As A Sport Despite World Situation