American Female World Champion Makes Good Point On Rounds Time

One of the major bones of contention at the moment being discussed for women’s professional boxing is the length of round time.

Health and safety being balanced with entertainment-value of professional boxing being analyzed at this particular time.

World champion Mikaela Mayer brought up the following points which seemed to get a lot of engagement on social media on the matter:

“Also tho…If there was an extra 10 minutes in that fight there prob would have been a stoppage. Same with my last fight and several before. As I settle more into my pro career\style I see the benefit of 3 min rounds. Fatigue+discipline+experience settles in and fighters fold.”

She went on to say:

“Giving women 3 min rounds WONT automatically increase our pay. But it WILL increase knockouts and help us showcase our skills. In return, women’s pay SHOULD increase. The argument now comes down to commissions giving us the equal OPPORTUNITY.”

Concluding on the subject matter:

“In response to the comments saying that 3 min rounds won’t increase stoppages or KO’s…think about this tho…While women finishing the LAST round…men are only finishing ROUND 6. Think about how things take a turn in the second half of a boxing fight… Just a thought.”

Food for thought there from young Mayer.

Mikaela Mayer was both a standout amateur for America and now in the pro ranks, so the above carries a lot of weight.

Currently Mayer, fighting out of Colorado, has a professional boxing record of 15-0-5 KO.

The school of thought on increasing the rounds time and duration is that it might increase the amount of quality fights in women’s boxing.

Possibly leading to more knockouts and entertainment.

Consequently, then, potentially leading to more money put into women’s boxing from the networks.

As always, the appropriate authorities will need to look at all aspects first.


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