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Women’s Boxing Legend Backs Jake Paul In Boxing

Amanda Serrano is easily one of the most successful and greatest female fighters that ever lived.

The 32-year-old Puerto Rican is a seven-division champion in boxing but not only that, a champion in mixed martial arts and jujitsu as well:

A fighting machine from Puerto Rico on a mission for her career.

Currently doing very well.

Fighting next on the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley show:

She’s been in training camp with Paul no less.

A young man from Ohio who came in for a lot of criticism initially for his venture into professional boxing.

At the time many doubted he was serious about the sport. That he was just using his YouTube star acclaim to make a quick pay day and leave.

He now appears to have settled into his training.

It looks like he is taking boxing seriously ahead of the card on August 29th.

Serrano has sung his praises so far:

Big praise from Serrano.

An interesting card ahead next month.

No doubt about it.


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