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Keith Thurman Finally Gets Answer From Pacquiao About His Dog

Real loyalty is a great thing in this world and boxers Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman know all about the loyalty of man’s best friend, dogs.

Pacquiao has been training hard in his camp in LA since arriving in America recently for Errol Spence next month.

Surrounded by his wife and kids more this time in training, with Pacquiao Jr. showing fast hands, on a separate point.

Manny Pacquiao used to always have his old dog ‘Pac Man’ present but the dog passed away in 2020.

Keith Thurman who fought Pacquiao before asked him if his new dog is really named after him since their fight in 2019:


Good commentator in the making from Floridian Thurman there, straight after the joke, switching instantly back into pundit mode, and saying he favors Spence to win, with Pacquiao right there.

Pacquiao edged Thurman in a split decision when they fought in 2019:

(Hat tip Premier Boxing Champions YouTube)

Pacquiao takes on Spence next month in an intriguing fight.

One that should deliver both the sweet science of boxing and lots of fight action in the ring.


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