The reality is, at some point, it is not totally unconceivable that Jake Paul, a novice pro boxer and social media star, could somehow talk his way into a professional boxing match with Conor McGregor.

It is possible.

It has been reported tonight following McGregor’s loss in the UFC that he could actually be in the UFC another while longer however.

UFC boss Dana White said he will have a third fight with tonight’s opponent Dustin Poirier when he heals from injury.

Class act Poirier to be fair. One wonders have we seen the peak of trash talk in the fight game as we know it now. Classy fighters seem to be winning more and more. Some of the trash talk has gotten a bit poor quality now to be fair.

Muhammad Ali had much more about him when he created it. Done with more IQ, wit and class.

Even the Paul brothers have corrected their behavior in this regards recently. Good.

Brother of Jake Paul, Logan Paul, said of the fight tonight with McGregor:

Logan Paul recently fought Floyd m Mayweather in a boxing exhibition.

All in all, this is all just entertinament in boxing of course.

Nothing more.

We know that.

Don’t buy or believe the hype.

Trust no one other than God fully. A lot of subtle snakes out there. The devil, Satan, was also an angel of light don’t forget. Jesus Christ conquers all. Respectfully, each to their own of course.

Talk is cheap and if people do not deliver that is on them. Be polite but have nothing more to do with them then.

You can’t take any of this stuff from an actual boxing context too seriously. Always have that caveat.

Otherwise we’d be gone long ago and would have destroyed my work and intellectual property on this particular site easily, and fully, ages ago. Started to do a bit a few weeks back in fact after all the waiting around and getting fed up and bored with low intellect, easy to see through, shady humans.


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What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter?

Looking to move on from this rainy place already as soon as possible, can’t wait until we will be back where the work opportunities are for this particular platform of mine. Rain in the summer. What a joke. Gym soon again thank God after this stupid quarantine, another stupid lockdown, same old garbage. Back to the country we belong soon where work and family is. Hard work is the ultimate. Always an option at any time to do the previously mentioned and to show I was serious, already blew up and destroyed some of this site and my work a few weeks ago. Actions speaking louder than words. Talk is cheap. Got sick of the subtle deceit and all the waiting around from some people. Trust no one. We watching you. Some of them have a lot of work to do to ever get into our good books again. Snakes. Don’t care anymore.


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Forgive yes and be at peace but still be wise, that doesn’t mean have anything to do with certain people again or that continued consequences won’t still happen again to them. Again. God works in mysterious ways. Let God do the fighting. Jesus Christ was about peace and to love thy neighbor as thy self. It is sad some people forget this these days. Good people out there too though of course. For sure. One hundred per cent. We’ll see what happens. All in all, just don’t pay no attention to bull politics or all the bull any more of these type of ‘entertainment’ events.

It isn’t real.

We know what real boxing is.

Come on. Don’t forget that.

This is just entertainment. Nothing more.

Always keep that in context.

For the purist boxing fans out there at heart.

God is good, plenty of great fights coming up in the sport soon.

Pacquiao vs Spence next month will be epic. Really looking forward to that fight.

Solid win for Jo Jo Diaz this weekend but a relatively quiet weekend of boxing overall.


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