Ukranian boxing genius and all round character Alexander Usyk faces the fight of his life soon enough.

Not only is he attempting to become one of the few in boxing history to ever become a cruiserweight and heavyweight champion but he’s hardly taking an easy touch with the first title challenge.

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua of the UK no less.

Usyk has the skill and ability but the question will be will the size be too much.

The heavyweights of today’s times are monsters and Usyk will be looking to show in today’s times, how David can still, slay Goliath.

The fight details will be confirmed soon for a stadium and so forth but ahead of the bout Usyk has his own news.

Like many well known athletes, he has decided to bring out his own NFT called ‘I’m Coming for you’.

If shows seventeen editions where Usyk uses the photo of a DC comic book
character known as the ‘Joker’.

It is a 1/1 NFT with a price tag of 1 Ethereum (ETH).

It will be interesting to see how NFTs go for more and more boxers as time goes on.


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