Oscar De La Hoya Brutally Honest With Mike Tyson

In another great episode of the Mike Tyson podcast his latest guest he had on was none other than former world champion and now promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

It is well documented that the near 50-year-old De La Hoya is looking at a comeback in a boxing exhibition and has struggled in recent years with addiction.

The podcast between he and Tyson was wide raging and near the beginning, both former champions acknowledged they felt like they both had a guardian angel watching over and protecting them at this stage of their lives.

Tyson saying:

“We all have somewhere. I don’t understand it either.”

They’re probably right. Some things are ambiguous and are not meant to be understood.

Speaking on what boxing does for De La Hoya nowadays the former champion was candid:

“Aside from like my kids, aside from family, when I’m not boxing, I’m miserable. For some strange reason. It is like boxing is my savior. That’s all I know. I started fighting when I was five years old. So when I’m not thinking about boxing or thinking about fighting somebody, it’s like, what do I do?”

Another great podcast from Tyson who referenced in this episode, as well as many recent episodes, ‘survivor’s guilt.’

He’s touched on that quite a bit in recent months and seems to be going more back to a combat sports themed podcast. He’s been helping a lot of fighters in fairness to him.

Particularly with the excellent new co-host from an MMA background too. Great addition to the show. A real fight podcast now. Boxing and MMA covered by both hosts.

From a Christianity context, the main message of Tyson and De La Hoya’s episode seem to be on forgiveness by both of them.

Overall, Tyson’s podcast continues to go from strength to strength.

Growing by the week.



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