Is Marijuana Banned In Boxing? Big Decision Finally Made

For many years the use of Marijuana sometimes referred to as pot, cannabis and the like, had been deemed as a banned substance for professional boxers.

Now, however, a big decision has been finally made that could set precedence worldwide.

Las Vegas in Nevada is regarded by many as the fight capital of the world.

Now, the Nevada State Athletic Commission have finally made a decision on the substance’ classification.

Is Marijuana banned in boxing?

Not anymore.

Marijuana has been legal for sometime in Nevada now and in many States that acknowledge its medical benefits for some. As well as being harmless to most. That said, it is not for everyone. Even popular proponents of the substance like Joe Rogan or Mike Tyson would say that. They are not doctors.

From a boxing point of view, the NSAC have now voted unanimously to adjust their rules and will no longer punish fighters who test positive for the substance before licensed bouts in the States.

Big news indeed.

Long time promoter Bob Arum has often criticized the rule that fighters be punished for the substance.

His view was that is was never a performance enhancing one.


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