Evander Holyfield Receives Prestigious Honor In Hometown

Former heavyweight champion of the world Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield has picked up quite the honor in his hometown.

Although born in Alabama, Holyfield always considered himself from Atlanta.

He never forgot where he was from and neither did they in Atlanta.

Pity sometimes in life when it is just too late in the end for some who forget the best people they had before it just gets too late at the end. By the time they realize the level and scale of their foolish errors, mistakes or misjudgment. People never appreciate what they have when they have it. They never know what they have until it is gone. Reality hits home then. That’s it for them then. Atlanta and America didn’t forget Holyfield with this though, why America is the best country in the world by far. Not even close.

Atlanta have honored one of boxing’s greatest warriors to ever step in a ring, appropriately.


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A statue in his honor has being unveiled outside the State Farm Arena.

The venue which plays host to tonight’s World Championship Boxing no less.

Involving emerging boxing star Gervonta Davis who challenges champion Mario Barrios of Mexico.

The statue was unveiled by Holyfield and the Atlanta Mayor.

Alongside a senior member of the Atlanta Hawks leadership and management team:

Holyfield to this day is correctly considered one of boxing’s all-time legends.

One of the very few to successfully become cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion.

A stellar amateur career too it should be noted for balance.


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He won a Bronze medal for the United States of America at the 1984 Los Angeles games.

Competing in the light-heavyweight category at the time.

Holyfield’s determination in the boxing ring forged character that helped him acquire a professional record before retiring of 44-10-2-29 KO.

One of the best unquestionably.


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