Andre Ward Looks Out For Fighters With Wise Advise

Andre Ward Looks Out For Fighters With Wise Advise

The world according to any reasonable person is surely getting a bit madder by the day.

Division, deception, noise and the like distort the truth or distract, nothing more.

Staying focused on your own life, your own people and family and looking at what is unseen vs what can be seen key in these times.

Former world champion turned commentator Andre Ward dropped some serious knowledge for fighters with this:

Very good.

Some context too to the word of God for this also.

The devil was once an angel of light after all and never trust anyone fully other than God. The devil knows his time is short and knows he can’t win at the end. It’s impossible.

Indeed many tell lies close to the truth in the word of God as a form of deception, very good information here on this on the Lion of Judah podcast.

No doubt some churches even seeing this around the world now. Not all money is good money and money isn’t everything when it leads to greed, idol hands or even the slightest, most subtle comprising of values.

No good.

While traditional Christian, Jewish and Muslim values and beliefs might be unpopular in today’s times with a small few, love and non-judgmental respect is a two way street also for peace. Freedom of all religions is a human right under international law at the end of the day.

Without peace there is nothing.

Discernment and wisdom needed. Following, genuinely the son of God, Jesus Christ, and the word of God in the bible works every time. Each to their own though.

There appears to be a bit of a revival starting at the moment in Christianity around the world also which is good to see in all nations.

In boxing terms, with so many tremendous young fighters breaking through in the sport at the moment, it is important they listen to Ward’s advice above.

Ward has seen it all in boxing as a fighter at the highest level.

Both amateur and professional boxing.

He knows what the heck he’s talking about.


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