Claressa Shields Fires Shots On Sole Loss In Boxing

American and world boxing star Claressa Shields continues to make a big name both in boxing and now even in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Shields has been vocal about the lack of opportunities and appropriate pay in women’s boxing and for now is competing in both sports.

Shields has achieved more than any female fighter in the history of boxing already at just aged 26 as a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and now a world champion.

She has only ever lost once in the amateurs and brought this up on Twitter saying:

That loss came to Savannah Marshall of the UK.

Both are now undefeated as professionals.

No doubt a tremendous fight between the two in the professional boxing ranks will ensue down the road.

As the fight builds momentum and story line. As they both continue to gain more experience and keep racking up wins.

Potentially a fight might even happen before the end of the year.

One criticism of women’s boxing from some is that basically they just don’t hit hard enough with one punch and that, it won’t really take off until a knockout artist comes along that punches hard enough to end a lot of fights on the spin consistently.

To capture the casual sport fan market in a way similar perhaps to how Ronda Rousey did in the UFC years ago.

Boxing fans love knockouts and exciting fights at the end of the day. A good fight is a good fight.

Marshall can punch and maybe this is the fight that can transcend women’s boxing to a new level at the end of the year.

It would be a great fight in fairness between two competitors on both sides of the pond. Styles make fights and this one would surely gel.


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