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Chavez Brutally Honest Reaction To Son’s Anderson Silva Loss

Boxing as does the world clearly lives in changing times at the moment in 2021.

To the point of, former champion Julio Cesar Chavez returned for an exhibition last weekend in Mexico.

On the same night, his son, somehow lost a boxing match to well over the hill former UFC fight legend Anderson Silva.

In truth, it didn’t surprise many in boxing.

Nor did the fact he missed weight before the contest.

Speaking after the fight Chavez Sr said of his son’s fight:

I would rather they retire the hell out of it (boxing). If they are not going to prepare properly what is the use?”

Fair point.


George Foreman Could Not Have Put It Better About Muhammad Ali

George Foreman Could Not Have Put It Better About Muhammad Ali

The times we live in are that of which have never been seen before.

A pointlessly fear, worry and anxiety-driven time. Nothing to worry about at all. God will look after everything as usual.

Respectfully, each to their own of course.

Distrust also rampant worldwide at the moment.

For instance, distrust from a social media, in of, a qualitive research sentiment in traditional media brands and, even legacy online brands, continues to decline daily.

No matter what unverified research reports say, or, suggest otherwise, the above is fact to see on social media platforms. Who’s to check if the reports are real anyway or in any way genuine. No one. That’s who.

Moreover, anyone who knows anything about statistics also know numbers in reports can be manipulated very easily and a report is only as good as its sample size and sample quality. Scientifically speaking that is.

For genuine, transparency in viewpoints from a qualitative, and to an extent, quantitative research standpoint, on the decline in trust of traditional media and legacy press, social media sentiment provides all you need to know in that realm.

There is much more people on the internet than a small few behind sometimes, but not always in fairness, government-influenced, interest group-influenced, or, agenda-focused press. And so on. Traditional politics is already done. Pay no attention to conspiracy theories. Only pay attention to informed sentiment.

That of which a reasonable, sober-minded, mentally-well individual could legally have capacity to contract to in terms of comprehension in understanding the legal field of big tech platforms. Discernment and wisdom is required. As always.

Once again, as usual, all these predictions are coming true again in real time but heck, what do we know.


When Two Giants Met, One From Boxing The Other From TV

When Two Giants Met, One From Boxing The Other From TV

Alternative media, new media and niche press will only grow due to various nations’ growing distrust with traditional or sometimes known as, falsely perceived wider media, as opposed to more emerging growing niche media platforms. The latter often having much larger audiences and influence than the former in many cases. As well as added expertise and sense of balance between calling things as it is, while, also, encompassing balance and impartiality. Both concepts being important in the new media world that is now live at this particular time.

The latter will only grow in the year or two ahead, and years ahead after that, while the former old brands and traditional media will continue to decline. It’s happening scientifically every day. Wheels are in motion now. It can’t be stopped.

All transparently in website traffic and readership rankings on recognized industry gold standard Amazon’s which anyone can view. At anytime. Anywhere.

The truth is, Google, Facebook, Twitter and niche media platforms are the new main press in the world today.

Regarding big tech, it is just a matter of time before it will be a requirement for each individual to sign up with a passport, drivers license or other government-issued ID to use them soon. Capitol Hill in Washington will likely bring this in soon for them, one suspects.

Boxing as the sweet science currently finds itself within these changing times at the moment.

So, expect more of these type of exhibitions and people from other fields soon.

Trying to create noise for themselves on their own platforms to get into boxing matches or exhibitions.

As for Chavez Jr, who knows where he will go from here.

We wish him the best.


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As World Reopens Las Vegas Once Again Fight Capital Of The World