Some people are just different.

They think different.

They are almost from a different time, impossible to be categorized by any human grouping, labeled, characterization, personality test, IQ test or historic literature reference.

Just different kind of individuals. Impossible to study or compare anything, or, anyone to. No recall of previous individuals to relate to. Total one offs.

Muhammad Ali was one of them.

No question about it.

A man touched by God.

Someone that could have been good at or done anything for his chosen profession in truth.


Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

A man way ahead of his time, who wrote his own book in life and lead his own way, never lead or influenced by others.

If it wasn’t to do with God it simply didn’t matter or count for Ali. He only ever cared enough, just enough. Never caring about irrelevant people or things. That growing sense of balance over his lifetime was at the very essence of Ali’s humanity.

A human being and fighter who listened to God, and then, to himself. He built. They followed.


This genuine originality, personality and sense of self was where he found his identity as a catalyst for his behavior.

One that he checked himself on relentlessly. Forming character. Always striving to be a better man than yesterday. For genuine believers in God, this is the only place identity can be found, in Jesus Christ. Ultimately. A spiritual journey full ups and downs. One that doesn’t end until the final day of the test. Given by the one Almighty God.

Ah yes, life.

Humility achieved in doing so by just being a man who lived and followed God. Nothing more. Nothing less. Muhammad Ali got this. He knew it was all about what God thinks. Here endeth the lesson.

One of his great competitors turned friends George Foreman put it perhaps in a more eloquent way than ever before about Ali.

With this recently on Twitter:

“You stand in front of a Hotel; 20 men of all sizes come in; every shape and form. The 21st person for some unknown reason “mesmerizes” you get up and ask “who was that or what was that?” 52 years later, never another Ali.”

Ali’s teachings can absolutely still be applied today.

Or taken inspiration from at the least.


Mike Tyson Has Wise Reaction To Deontay Wilder Street Fight

Mike Tyson Has Wise Reaction To Deontay Wilder Street Fight

So much knowledge and wisdom for a young man during his career, and, as he got older in life too.

Whether through his achievements in boxing or even simple things and observations outside of it like prayer, diet, exercise, training regime, how he treated people or his meditation and application in his faith in God, Ali inspired across the board.

To be better versions of themselves for years to come.

He still is inspiring today.

Gone but never forgotten.

(Photo credit: George Foreman Twitter)


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