George Foreman Says It Like It Is and Makes A Great Point

Often times in boxing fighters can be painted to genuinely hate one another before a contest takes place.

Sure, sometimes there can be real animosity and genuine needle between boxers.

Rarely though would a term as strong as ‘hate’ exist in fairness between two boxers. A lot of it is just to sell a fight.

To hate someone is to give them too much respect or time anyway, most people are too busy for that type of mentality which is a nonsense one in truth.

Certainly boxers are. They need to train year round.

Only God can judge anyone ultimately. Who are we or anyone to judge anyone.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman turned born again Christian George Foreman said it well regarding hate of his opponents and in his boxing career:

Spot on. Never the case most times.

It’s just business.

He makes a good point too in light of the world situation at the moment the past couple of years.

A lot of hate and conflict in the world, no doubt, but, that’s a two way street. If there is no peace than what is there.

Humans would anger one from time to time in fairness with their limited ability, frequently.

Certainly, speaking personally, recently having months of tech work and time seemed to be wasted due to stupid bureaucracy and politics, as well as the world situation slowing everything down. Damn. Patience has certainly improved though.

My future wife will have to wait a little longer, she’ll be grand though, married to this work for another while longer. Got to love what you do. It’s so true. Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Got to keep it pushing and stay patient on route towards your destination. Anyway, we have important work to do soon in America, finally damn it, lots of boxing coming up and to look forward to. Time to press ahead now. Boxing is in a great place. Great to see.

Alas, no point losing the old cool ever. In work or life. God always has a plan at the end of the day.

Follow the son of God Jesus Christ and everything looks after itself. Seen it time and time again. Always the way.

Each to their own though.

With all the agendas and flavor of the month news cycles that change frequently, it is also important to remember that hate in all its forms has no place anywhere in the world and is a two way street.

Traditional Muslims, Jews and Christians across all denominations need not to receive hate either for their traditional beliefs and values. Freedom of all religions is an international human right at the end of the day. There is a balance to everything after all. Look at the persecutions of the Muslims and Christians in China by the Chinese government for instance. No good. Should be highlighted more.

Love thy neighbor as thy self.

God loves everyone. Everything playing out like the Bible saying it would anyway but what the heck do we know though.

Each to their own.

George Foreman a great representative for boxing and a heck champion in his time. A great message above from him overall.


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