Look, nothing against any of these YouTubers or celebrities trying to make money in boxing.

Respectfully, each to their own.

In some regards, it does a small bit grow boxing to a new audience, too.

That said, the health and medical aspect of it and the way these exhibitions are presented and expectations of outcome communicated to fans, does matter.

Otherwise, you just don’t know what the heck fans are getting.

This week a possible Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul showdown was mentioned.

Reportedly Paul’s lawyer moved quickly to shoot down any possible gathering, even at Tyson’s advanced years saying:

“Nah Tyson will rip your head off.”

Wise lawyer.

To be fair, another thing these guys are doing, is showing fighters how to better promote and market themselves online.

Time will tell how they are matched and how long it lasts before it all comes to an end but at least Jake Paul appears to be trying to start some sort of professional boxing career for his part.


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