Something That Many Are Forgetting In Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3

Boxing is a sport littered with a litany of upsets.

Unexpected fight outcomes that went against conventionally-observed, perceptive at least, forms of momentum.

Going against flavor of the month news cycles that get thrown in the garbage week after week and month after month until the next thing is popular.

Inconsistent themes often papering over the same old bull irrelevant culture wars that quickly diminish over time. Seen it time and time again. Quite boring after a while. Never to be paid to much attention to. Time is too precious to waste in life ultimately.

With that being said, one thing that never fails in boxing time however is the sheer unpredictably of heavyweight boxing.

It’s crazy how often some forget this.

Many forget it wasn’t long ago that Andy Ruiz ripped up a script in New York.

To become the first Mexican heavyweight champion of all-time.

Many have commented on former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s silence at the press conference announcing his third fight with lineal champion Tyson Fury as strange.

Not necessarily.

Never confuse quietness with focus. Don’t get it twisted. Nor quietness or introverts with lack of confidence. Quite the contrary. Some by nature are just introverts. Silence is golden too. Never forget that in life.

Wilder, okay, perhaps is more of an extrovert on a public-level in recent years but actually, in the early part of his career, was very quiet.

People forget this.


Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Press Conference

Watch: Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder 3 Press Conference

Boxing is also entertainment at the end of the day and there’s a reason these two are where they are. They entertain as well.

Tyson Fury is perhaps the only fighter other than Prince Naseem to ever make it really big in America for a non American boxer.

In terms of becoming a legitimately big name with the audience of the USA specifically.

Alas, very few from Europe or other continents ever actually make it big in America. Or have actually ever had genuine success in the country on any perception of high-level different meanings of the word. With the American audience specifically, that is. Americans see through the hype and the bull always in the end. Cream always rises to the top in the end. That’s why America is where it is. Whether engaging with the Irish Americans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Black Americans, Italian Americans, Asian American audiences, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, or other nationalities, race or creed across the country.


Tyson Fury's Father Comes Up With A Genius Idea

Tyson Fury’s Father Comes Up With A Genius Idea

It’s kind of like foreign press acquiring real, genuine, not manufactured audience in America from outside of America. Very rarely done in history. If ever.

Things look different from how a speculative narrative discussed is often portrayed from that of which it actually is in reality.

Numbers don’t lie and don’t mind what some traditional media or what not says. Many of them criticize America and Americans but at the end of the day are obsessed with them. Attempted imitation is the most sincere form of flattery at the end of the day. America knows it too. Americans don’t care about the critics. Actually, haters on America talking just keeps helping it grow by the day in many regards. Beautiful. It’s genius really. The country leads the world for entertainment, media, creativity, engineering, business, sport and more. It always will. Don’t worry about the Chinese government either. Nah. That’s it for them. No time for them.


Blonde Bombshell Finally Gets A Big Fight Update In Boxing

Blonde Bombshell Finally Gets A Big Fight Update In Boxing

Regarding some remnants of legacy media ideologies.

There is always an angle or agenda. Same with the devil. The greatest trick he ever pulled was making people believe he doesn’t exist. Of course that bum and his minions exist and of course heaven and hell are very real places in eternity, long after this world is gone, outside of human understanding of what time and the universe even is, but he’s only as powerful as you let him be. He can’t be in two places at once. He loses at the end. The clock is ticking for him, and, he knows it.

Love thy neighbor as thy self at the end of the day regardless of any differences of all humans. Peace is always the answer. Respectfully, each to their own.

As regards some of the media and press. Look, here’s how it goes.

Language and use of phraseology in any of the world’s almost infinite amount of dialects can be manipulated, interchangeably, and then back to point of of origin, then deciphered from different angles again, with no set pattern, to the point of offering open-ended perceptions of deriving any conclusion to any human. Meaning is only in what humans find in it based on their own value system. Individually.

That will change frequently for some. Never for others. God never changes at the end of the day. All roads lead to God ultimately. Once again, respectfully, each to their own.

Pay no attention to much of the above. Listen to everything of course but if only one percent is of use or benefit, well then, what’s wrong with that. It’s sad really how dumb, stupid and frail some humans’ minds are. What can you do.

In terms of how easy some buy into or believe garbage.


Boxer Was Not Very Happy At All To Be Fighting A Cop

Boxer Was Not Very Happy At All To Be Fighting A Cop

Sadly, much of old media can’t be taken seriously anymore. Traditional media outlets continue to decline every day now as the evidence continues to show. Real change (which is not easy) and innovation will be required for many of them to survive. The ones that do will. The ones that don’t won’t. End of discussion.

Now, back to the earlier point of foreign fighters becoming big names in America.

Yes, Ricky Hatton was a legend too in fairness. He brought many fans to America back in the day. But he’s not a big name in America though.

Great guy, genuine, humble, man of the people and did great things in America too with some of his fights.

But, at the end of the day, that was from his loyal British following and was British pay per view money mostly on Sky.

That incredible fan base Hatton had and still has, and will always have, will never be seen again. Those fans would go to the moon to watch Hatton.

Fury has really become a big name in America though however. Heavyweight boxing is different. Forget about travelling foreign fans. We are talking purely about who American sport fans actually know about in boxing. In America. Plain and simple.


Irish American Boxing Legend Part Of Select 5 Heavyweight Champion List

Irish American Boxing Legend Part Of Select 5 Heavyweight Champion List

This is testament to Fury’s showmanship. Wilder knows this.

He appears to be as motivated as he ever has been. Maybe more than ever.

The danger here, for Fury, is that he might not be able to get up for the fight and could slack off even that one per cent.

That’s all it takes in heavyweight boxing.

Wilder is perhaps the biggest puncher that ever lived.

Many seem to forget this going into July 24th in Las Vegas.

Beware of the quiet steely determination of Wilder.

Moreover, he has a new trainer which can always play a factor.

They appear to have a very genuine working chemistry.

Make no mistake Wilder will be dangerous. Fury knows it.

Whatever the outcome, some great fights ahead for both boxers.

No doubt Dillian Whyte of the UK will be keeping a close eye on the fight as will other heavyweight contenders around the world.


Larry Holmes Shows What Boxing Is All About With This

Larry Holmes Shows What Boxing Is All About With This

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