Watch: Chavez and Camacho Get Into An Altercation

Chavez and Camacho Get Into An Altercation

In the current trend of legends return to boxing, celebrity boxing and pretty much, anything goes boxing, a boxing legend and son of a boxing legend put in the gloves again in an exhibition.

Hector Camacho Jr and Julio Cesar Chavez no less.

The old Puerto Rico vs Mexico boxing rivalry too.

Ahead of the bout some aggression between the two nearly boiled over completely:

The whole thing has gone a bit mad really.

Everyone sees how well boxing is doing, and, will continue to do.

As predicted a long time ago.

It’s hard to see these celebrity boxing matches or boxing legend exhibitions end anytime soon.

We’ll come back to this topic in due course.

Don’t worry about that.

Watching this whole thing closely now.