Fight Legend Officiates Depressing Garbage Celebrity Boxing Match

Fight Legend Officiates Depressing Garbage Celebrity Boxing Match

Look, ninety per cent of main stream media is all bull now.

Anyone with half a brain knows that, at this stage of the game.

That being said, some of it seems to entertain quite a large portion of the population.

A sad testament on the intelligence levels in some areas of society, to be fair.

Offline is the new online now and when one unplugs from the matrix and plugs back in, to see this taking place in boxing now, is frankly depressing in recent weeks:

In fairness, that’s just terrible.

The only positive is UFC and MMA legend Chuck Liddell appears to be the referee there at least.

Fair play to Liddell on the gig.

In his time, one of the great fighters in MMA when he was on the mad run of knocking out various individuals.

As regards this, nothing wrong with people making money or people wanting to be entertained.

Genuinely, good to see people doing well and some section of fans getting entertained. Let them off.

But this is not boxing as we know it.

That distinction is important.

The problem is, sooner or later, one of these things is going to end in someone getting badly injured.

Then, it will fall back on boxing and there will be need to be some action from a federal standpoint across the country.

Can see it all playing out now.

One of these people is going to get badly injured in this trend soon. Guaranteed. Watch and see. The level of protection in some of these things is negligible.

One would hope the medical side of these things is being watched closely.


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