Tyson Fury’s Father Comes Up With A Genius Idea

Tyson Fury's Father Comes Up With A Genius Idea

It is safe to say the world has gone mad the last few years in particular.

With the wheels now in motion for continued uncertainty in the world, father of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, John Fury, is taking things back to the old school.

In a wide ranging interview with Boxing Social YouTube (hat tip) this is worth a watch.

In terms of not paying attention to the irrelevant ways of the world.

Keeping things simple:

Class. Steady as she goes. Everything will happen the way it was meant to happen in the beginning big John. God will look after everything in the end.

He’s dead right on the above mind you.

In many regards.

All the material things of the world, money, fame and whatever mean nothing.

In the end.

In what is a short life in truth.

Way shorter than most realize.

Eternity is forever.

Very smart from Fury above.

A lot to be said for keeping things simple.

Fair play.

His son Tyson Fury is set to take on Deontay Wilder on July 24th in Las Vegas.

It will be their third fight.

Fury won the last time by stoppage.

The first bout was a draw.

The winner is expected to fight in an undisputed fight at the end of the year.


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