Mayweather Reveals Logan Paul Fight Was Shot Down Beforehand

Mayweather Reveals Logan Paul Fight Was Shot Down By Commission Beforehand

In a world gone mad the past couple of years due to the world situation, not all has quite gone mad yet it would seem.

Some common sense prevailed in the build up to the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul exhibition this weekend before it took place.

Initially it was tabbed for the middle East but that fell apart quite quickly.

Then, the event was looked to be brought to the fight capital of the world in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was shot down Mayweather revealed after the fight.

He said that the Nevada State Athletic Commission turned him down to allow the fight in the State and they were forced to look to LA, Dallas and then settled on Miami.

Fair play to the Commission. Don’t blame them.

It wasn’t professional boxing at the end of the day in terms of unarmed combat.

Time will tell how long this depressing trend for professional boxing continues.

Until one of these YouTube individuals fights as an actual professional boxer with a pulse, not in an exhibition, they are unproven.

Of course, when that happens, the whole thing will be over quite quickly.

If this joke continues much longer we might have to check out of this crap earlier than expected all together.

The only positive is some professional boxers do get on the undercard of these exhibition events.

Giving them all important opportunities.

As for the Youtubers, once one of them gets in a ring with a professional boxer that’s it for them.

Fair play to them though until then.

On what is an astonishing anomaly in the matrix.

(Photo credit Showtime)