Evander Holyfield Reacts To Mayweather Paul

Evander Holyfield Reacts To Mayweather Paul

When one looks at the whole Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul thing this weekend, it really didn’t make a whole bunch of difference to boxing.

At all.

Many were not entertained. Some were. It was what it was.

It was garbage from a boxing sense but you can’t blame either guy for the massive pay day and as Mayweather himself described afterwards ‘a legal bank robbery’.

Fair play on the genius bit of business by both guys but really, it didn’t make any difference at all to boxing.

As, it wasn’t boxing.

Once again, that is important to remember from a reality of point of view. It was a cash grab in the purest sense of the term possible.

Mayweather got $30 million alone reportedly for sponsorship on his shorts, not counting everything else he’ll make.

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield had this reaction after wards:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Holyfield was tabbed for an exhibition himself but against a genuine former boxer at least in the form of Mike Tyson not long ago.

As for Mayweather, perhaps that will be it for his exhibitions now.

He admitted himself he’s getting old afterwards for this kind of thing.

Fair play on the pay day, can’t knock the hustle.

But, once again, from a boxing perspective, really, it had zero difference.

Positive or negative.

Simply, indifferent and of no opinion.