Boxing met a new generation of fans and entertainment format tonight with the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul exhibition in Miami, Florida.

A crazy entertainment event perhaps indicative of the crazy times. We knew the main event wasn’t pro boxing, of course, just entertainment.

Going into the bout some gave Paul a chance due to the added size, height and youth on his side and because Mayweather had not been active in some time.

Anyone who knew anything about boxing however, knew different.

Even at 44 years of age Floyd Mayweather had things easy as expected.

Starting off the fight boxing and moving and letting Paul throw a lot of punches early on, very few of them landed.

By the fourth round Mayweather started to walk Paul down and land with full blooded punches.

Seemingly at will.

It was a case of how long would Mayweather carry him for.

Towards round 5 Mayweather caught Logan Paul with a counter left hook but you could tell he pulled the punch a bit.

That said, it still seemed to hurt Logan Paul.

It appeared Mayweather could wait to end the fight whenever he wanted to by this point.

The fight ended without a knockout which caused chaos apparently both by fans in attendance and those watching around the world.

Fair play to both guys on earning no doubt a huge amount of money but Paul’s brother claiming Logan Paul was ahead on the cards at the end of the fight summed it up — from a boxing context.

It was what it was.

As it was an exhibition, there was no official winner, no draw, nothing.


Carl Froch Makes Slightly Bizarre Point On Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Carl Froch Makes Slightly Bizarre Point On Mayweather Vs Logan Paul

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