The Uppercut Punch Benefits and How To Throw It

the uppercut punch

The uppercut is one of the most powerful punches in boxing if delivered correctly.

Starting from the ground up and transferring of weight through the punch.

Technique and timing are essential in the shot.

A slight bend of the knees and following through with the shoulder and arms transferring weight finally to the fist upon impact on target.

Here boxing trainer Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing Las Vegas demonstrates with heavyweight fighter EJ:

“Bend the knee, dip your hip and let it rip.”

Almost like a golf swing.

A serious insight into the sweet science right there.

There’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the above when you watch it back a few times.

A lot of sweet science study going on.

Key to take notes and watch it back a few times to fully understand just how much knowledge is going on there.

Let’s look at the key takeaways:

Slight Bend Of The Knees

Beginning of the energy transfer from the ground up.

Dip Your Hip

A slight dip of the hip to lower center of gravity and set up weight transfer.

Bring Arm Around

Turn the arm fully around in rotation.

Turn and pivoting off the back and front leg with the heel coming to the inside and by turning the hips drives the punch through the upper body.

Me Mindful Of Defense Simultaneously

Keeping the left hand up to remember what is coming back as the right uppercut is being thrown.

Follow Through

Right elbow then comes around to cover the right side of the chin.

Motion and Form

Circular motion punching through the target.

Repeat thousands of times key to perfect the action.

Here is more on the 5 fundamentals of boxing from American boxing trainer Pat Barry.

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