Freddie Roach Reacts To Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence News

Freddie Roach Reacts To Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence News

After all these years Manny Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach will attempt to make the impossible become possible, once more.

Something they’ve done many times together in the past.

Pacquiao is up against next a younger, bigger, stronger Errol Spence and his trainer reacted to the news with the following:

Boxing strategy will be pivotal on the night to both fighters.

This will be where skill and steel determination will be needed and whoever starts quickest could have an advantage.

Some have suggested Pacquiao could still edge Spence in the speed department.

While others think Spence will just be too strong and break Pacquiao down bit by bit as the fight progresses.

That’s not really how Pacquiao rolls though.

His cardio is on point and the question will be, can Spence get off to a good start and impose himself on smaller Pacquiao.

Spence has started slow in the past whereas Pacquiao has started quick.

The first two rounds of the bout could be key in setting the tone for how the fight plays out.


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The jab of Spence could also be a useful tool for him.

Whereas Pacquiao’s footwork, use of angels, feints and movement could be advantageous.

Both southpaws which will make things interesting too.

If Pacquiao does stay on the back foot and looks to box on the outside he’ll need to make his work count when he gets in, and then quickly, step out.

Spence you would sense won’t let him off the hook though and will look to press the action early.


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