Two Former Heavyweight Champions In Unexpected Potential Fight

Two Former Heavyweight Champions In Unexpected Potential Fight

The theme of boxers returning to the ring has prevailed for some time.

Endured as far as the sport goes back in fact.

These last couple of years during the whole world situation seems to have brought more and more former boxing champions out of the woodwork.

Former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs has mentioned on his social media that he is set to come back for a fight with former undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Unexpected to say the least.

This is not set in stone however and talks could just be ongoing at this point.

At any rate, indicative to the growing nature of more fighters returning and the continued growing interest in boxing around the world.

Be it social media stars, former fighters, MMA fighters, they see how well boxing is doing at the moment.

More TV companies and platforms showing boxing then ever, and, there will be more.

Boxing is leading the way worldwide of any sport during the whole situation these past couple of years.

That, in of itself, tells you all you need to know about boxing.

As for good old Briggs and Klitschko, they might have some scores to settle, where they belong that is — in the boxing ring:


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