Heavyweight Champion Runs Into A Living Legend

Lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has been on some run over the last number of years.

Coming back from a place where he was with all the weight, to now be the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, has taken some doing.


Irish American boxing legend would have been a handful for anyone today

Irish American Boxing Legend Would Have Been A Handful For Anyone Today

Something rarely, if ever, seen before in the history of boxing.

Or any sport.


An astonishing feat — considering this from his brother — posted by BT this week:

(Hat tip BT Sport Boxing)

Ah yes, Fury has come a long way now.


It is understood that talks are ongoing still for a potential undisputed heavyweight championship of the world match next.

Fury in the meantime is in the good old USA and has ran into a sports legend.

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal no less:


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