Isn’t it funny.

People always trying to be or do what nonsense marketing advertising business campaigns, or bull fickle trends that come and go suggest.

Pointless suggestions.

Each to their own of course.

People just want things a lot of times, easy to see through the older one gets, alas, God is in control at the end of the day.

When all is said and done.

For the aforementioned fake people like that, pay no attention, in the words of a certain fighting gentleman, perhaps the appropriate is applicable.

They’ll do, and get, absolutely fookin nothing.

No weapons forged against you shall prosper at the end of the day. You got to keep on trucking in life as this thing don’t last forever and making each day count is key.


Muhammad Ali Center Update, Israel and Palestine

Muhammad Ali Center Update, Israel And Palestine

Be yourself as everyone else is taken, what a great phrase.

Probably one of the best sayings ever created.

Women’s boxing star Ebanie Bridges certainly understands this as this year has shown.

Her stock and value has increased quite some in 2021.

Single-handedly bringing genuine, legitimate attention to women’s boxing.

She’s posted the following which has gotten quite a bit of reaction:

Fair play.

Bridges lost her last fight but due to the profile she has created both for herself, which has helped women’s boxing in doing so, no doubt will be in something meaningful again this year.

From what we’ve seen, huge interest in America for this women’s boxing sensation. Long live the USA. Where you’re from is, at the end of the day, where the heart is. Home is where the heart is. An old saying but very true.

We will be keeping an eye her progress for sure.

Photo credit: Ebanie Bridges Twitter


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