In times of trouble around the world boxing has always been an important sport.

Dating back to its genesis.

In that, it shows all fighting should be left done in the ring.

Done by the fighters.

Time and time again boxing has shown this in different parts of the world over the years.

Let God do the fighting in day to day life. God can fight better for you than you even know. After using discernment and wisdom, just fight the good fight of faith.

There is nothing stronger, more powerful and kinder than God. There is only one God.


Amateur Boxing Chief gives update on next generation of Boxing in Russia

Amateur Boxing Chief Gives Update On Next Generation Of Boxing In Russia

From an inspiration standpoint, never an idol one, just inspirationally speaking on a human level, perhaps no other boxer embodies what fighting spirit means in the ring but contrarily, outside of it, kindness and humanity, than Muhammad Ali.

His Muslim faith was a catalyst for this admirable behavior.

As he bettered himself during his life as a man as he got older. Each day.

Not always liked at the time in his younger days but people saw where he was coming from as time went on more.

Revered even more so after his death.

Still, to this day:

This update from his official Twitter account on the official Muhammad Ali Center, in many ways, speaks to the ongoing troubles in Israel and Palestine:

Let thank sink in.

Today the Muhammad Ali Center is located in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America.

Hope, respect and understanding being three values pivotal to any diplomatic dialogues to diffuse tension, anger, conflict and heal wounds with humility at the moment.

To restore peace, respect and hope.

Without either of those there is nothing. Nor any perceived meaning to anything.

It has been troubling to see what has gone on this past week in Israel and Palestine between our Muslim and Jewish friends, who are all dearly, dearly loved. More than they might even know.

We never take sides in anything.

Nor debate.

Nor engage in any form of politics.

At the end of the day for us, as human beings, we are all loved by God and the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Every single human being on this planet in all countries. Regardless of anything.

Alas, if only some people truly knew how much though.

Muhammad Ali understood this.

To premise the following, respectfully, once again, each to their own.

Regardless of anything in this world.

There is no place for any anti-Semitism, anti-Islam or anti-Christianity. Anywhere or at anytime.

Or anti-anything period in this world. Once again, anywhere or at anytime.


Canelo vs Saunders Will Break A Muhammad Ali Record

Canelo Vs Saunders Will Break A Muhammad Ali Record

Peace is the only answer.

God supersedes everything ultimately.

Over two thousand years ago God did something very, very special for humanity to show this.

God sent his only son here, Jesus Christ, to suffer what he did for all our sakes. For the salvation of all humanity.

Imagine a being loving a place so much and group of people so much, literally all of them, within said place, to do something like that.

Almighty God did that.

As per John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Hope, respect and understanding is key to anything at the end of the day.

All nations and people should be respectful and peaceful with one another under the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We are commanded by God to love thy neighbor as thy self.

This mentality, regardless of your perception of it or how you understand it, or view it, which will differ slightly in person to person, is key to resolving any conflict.

Israel and Palestine included.

Muhammad Ali’s center and legacy in today’s times, per the above values in his Center’s update, is spot on in this school of thought.

Things can’t be bad forever.

God is good all the time.

The will of God cannot be undone. It will play out exactly the way it was supposed to all along.

No one or thing on this Earth can change it.

It is impossible to do so.

Through God, however, all things are possible.

We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution soon for all affected in this conflict.


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