Heavyweights are much bigger today than they were back in the day of Jack Dempsey.

Born in Colorado of Irish descent, Dempsey perhaps would have been a middleweight or super-middleweight in today’s times.

He still would have given plenty of middleweights problems nowadays.

A fight between Dempsey and Saul Alvarez would have been quite the compelling bout.

Imagine the ferocity of it.

When one thinks of the rule in boxing where a fighter must go to a neutral corner after knocking his opponent down, its genesis is back to the time of Dempsey.

Due to his very aggressive nature and not giving his opponents much time to arise.

His defense was his offense, in many regards:

He didn’t have things easy in his life. Nor did he complain because of it.

When you see what we all complain about in today’s times in 2021, what everyone gives out about and all the irrelevant things of the world, left wing, right wing, fried chicken wings and waffles, and so on, Dempsey and his ilk, from that cloth, would have been sickened of the complaining and negativity, surely.

There is a lot to be grateful for even in these strange, crazy times of 2021.

This right here another champion and a reminder that things can always be worse. Great story here from this kid beating leukemia, epic:

Legend. Well done champ. At ease.

Puts things in perspective all the fake crap of today’s rapidly declining mainstream media and what people give out about on social media, and so forth.

Isn’t it funny.

Good news doesn’t sell as much unfortunately but what harm sure, it’s important to highlight it nonetheless.

As for Dempsey, his last fight in the ring in 1927 was a loss to another Irish-American boxing great, Gene Tunney who won by unanimous decision:

Dempsey retired after the fight with a professional boxing record of 54-6-8-44 KO.

God-fearing Dempsey would be inducted into the Utah Hall of Fame and later after death, the Irish-American Hall of Fame.


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