Proliferation of Boxing Indicative of the Crazy Times

Proliferation of Boxing

The world is perhaps a more different place than ever.

As of the time of writing. May 2021.

Following the outbreak of the current world situation.

Starting in around late 2019 in origin.

Strange times really.

That said, there appears to be more light at the end of the tunnel.

For most individual countries anyway.

When you look at all the places boxing is shown in. Throughout all the different nations. This type of compounding has perhaps never existed before.

It is important that temporary fickle fad trends that come and go don’t take a stranglehold in the sport.


George Foreman Is Spot On About Muhammad Ali

George Foreman Is Spot On About Muhammad Ali

They won’t though.

If you look at the recent decline of Hollywood for example.

Again, something we predicted on here a while back. This offers some insight.

Due to the terrible view people have of Hollywood in some regards in recent years.

The Oscars just gone pulled one of their lowest ratings ever.

Point being, the world appears to be in more of a transitional state than ever. A very different place. America still leads the way for things like media, entertainment and sport.


Tyson Fury Makes Bold Middleweights and Heavyweight Division Claim

Tyson Fury Makes Bold Middleweights And Heavyweight Division Claim

It always has and always will. Case in point, you can see the East becoming more and more like the West over the last ten years.

These are all fundamental things that have an impact on society’s ever changing cultural identity in perceived to a few as current (but totally irrelevant in truth) ways of the world.

Don’t care though.

All bull to us as it all comes back to God who has never changed.

Once again, respectfully, each to their own.

That said, boxing, yes, use these things like Tyson’s legends tour for instance.

In the correct manner.

Used just as tools to use to activate occasional new markets and demographics.

Never dilute the product of what boxing is while doing the former.

Boxing is about the best fighting the best at the end of the day.

Within the context of entertainment-led marketing concerning said endeavor.

Never letting the marketing itself become the actual endeavor.

Then boxing would lose the run of itself completely and would take part in anything and everything to sell a fight. Then it’s not boxing anymore. Is it. Think about it.

Then it’s just random individuals with big followings throwing some badly coordinated punches.

Boxing is about putting on the best fights possible that fans genuinely want to see. Involving the best boxers in the world.

Using the appropriate marketing so as to respect the sport’s tried and tested routines, traditions and rhythms.

They are steadfast and universal for good reason. They bloody work.


Sugar Ray Leonard Is Not Wrong In What He Says

Sugar Ray Leonard Is Not Wrong In What He Says

Still one of the few pure sports or things that’s left in this corrupt world which frankly I’m losing interest in by the day. The longer I’m away from the work in the sport and the people I love in America for so many years now. Eyes very tired after working on computer for so long with terrible sleep for nearly 3 months also. Just fed up of it all now and catching up on sleep. Finally got a good night’s sleep last night after not being woken up in the middle of the night. Can’t do much at this point but we’ll be back soon.

Boxing is the best sport in the world. It has to be protected accordingly. As do the boxers.

This can all be done while encompassing new audiences at the same time. That balance can be done. Yes it can.

Some of these temporary boxing things are not pulling the numbers you might think.

Tyson vs Jones last year did pull huge numbers however. Legit.

They were actual former world champions though.

There’s a difference. Get it?


90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout

90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout

Continued Proliferation Of Boxing Can Be Good or Bad But Boxing Has A Choice

As long as boxing never loses sight of this it will be fine. Boxing has always survived anyway. God is good.

Professional boxing without the boxers and fans doesn’t exist.

No TV companies.

No increasingly less-important promoters.

No sponsorship.

No subscriptions.

No ticket sales.

What might increase though, if everything is done right, is the following.

More boxing fans. More money for the boxers. Boxers promoting themselves more. More cross over between boxing and MMA due to MMA fighters wanting to box more. More managers and advisers. More management companies. More platforms showing boxing.

Proliferation of boxing can be advantageous but the sport has a choice.

Once again, what is boxing?

The best fighting the best. In fights fans want to see them in.


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