On This Day In 2015 An All-Time Boxing Record Was Set

Records are there to be broken.

It is tough to see if this particular one will be broken anytime soon.

Given the way things are in these times.

This time six years ago on May 2nd, 2015 Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao set the all time pay per view record.

Also setting the record for a boxing match for the most money ever generated for two boxers in a single event.

To be fair though, the fight was a bit of let down in that the fight didn’t live up to the hype in fairness.

Mayweather won a comfortable decision in the end and Pacquiao cited a shoulder problem afterwards.

In truth, the fight should have happened years before when both fighters were closer to their primes.

Alas, two boxing legends who fought later in their careers in the end.

That’s the thing about boxing. A genuinely amazing sport. The best sport there is for us at BNAV at least.

Inspiring individuals who participate and put in that work day after day.

Week after week, sacrificing on the road of their journey of what many boxers hope one day is a world title shot.

One night where a chance at the title comes to realize their life long dream.

At amateur level, the good boxing does for communities and societies across the world never gets talked about enough either.

At the highest level in professional boxing this time six years ago these two set the above record:

(Hat tip BxingLife YouTube)


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