Jack Johnson is synonymous with boxing history and American culture of his day.

He was a real rebel for his time in many ways. He always respectfully stuck up for his people. His people in his businesses. His wife and so on. A champion of the underdogs.

Johnson was the first black world heavyweight champion.

He was wrongfully arrested and convicted at one point in 1913 — for violating a law at that time — which was unjustly racist.

He was rightfully pardoned of this a couple of years ago. In a ceremony that was surrounded by boxers past and present as per ESPN YouTube here:

A heck of a fighter. A heck of a champion inside and outside the ring for his time.

On this day 90 years ago, depending on the time zone you are in today, Johnson was to have his last fight.

As a professional.

A bout he avenged a loss in no less. He closed out his professional career with a knockout victory against Brad Simmons.

The win saw Johnson retire with a professional record of 54-11-8-34 KO.

Here are some of his best moments via Reznick YouTube:

Great fighter.

90 years on from that, it would be interesting to see what Johnson thinks of today’s boxing landscape.


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