Sugar Ray Leonard Is Not Wrong In What He Says

Sugar Ray Leonard Is Not Wrong In What He Says

When times of trouble arise in the world many look to the sport of boxing and some of its reverred protagnists for inspiration.

It makes sense when you think about it.

They know more than most about overcoming trials and tribulations.

Boxing has always been about the boxers’ stories and over the years, they are quite special when one surveys the landscape of characters boxing has produced.

Affliction is something only temporary in the mentality of most of these individuals.

Everything comes back to the individual at the end of the day. Never the group.

Boxing legend ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard with the following — cut from that cloth:

Certainly the last year and a bit has been tough for many but with light at the end of the tunnel now for the world, some have emerged from the rubble stronger.

Change is possible in anyone ultimately. Like anything, though, if you want it enough. Genuine psychic realignment and transformation is not easy but attainable for any human if they want it through God directly — after putting in the work. It only works if you put in the work. There is nothing to fear or be anxious about in a rebuilt state of self. No. Not at all. It is only constructive, positive progress after all. A never ending journey but a gradual shift in thinking and in your very being. Edification and enlightenment activated by God, ultimately. Getting rid of the bad stuff. Keeping the good stuff. The new, same at your route core but much improved version of you, 2.0 per se, was always who you were meant to be anyway. At the end.

As destined by the one and only Almighty God.

The Bible for us. Respectfully, each to their own.

Go into any courtroom, any hospital, anywhere in the world, ask any judge or doctor you want, and they’ll all tell you the same thing. To a man and a woman. Every single one of them. Time, and time, and time again. Without fail.

In that, medical miracles, acts of God, force majeure legal clauses due to unforeseen circumstance and acts of mother nature, unexplainable by any definition of logic, happen all the time. That in itself, therefore, is factual cognition, proven sagacity and absolute truth according to any human perception of any current ways of the world. Relative and in proportion to any current standard. Any way you slice it.

Don’t believe everything you read, hear or — even see. Think about it, salt and sugar look the same, don’t they? Satan was once an angel in heaven too, along with his minions, were they not? The devil or whatever your understanding of good or evil is, or right or wrong is, can come in sheep’s clothing, sometimes, therefore, can they not? Don’t you understand, don’t you see? Don’t you get it by now.

Test the spirits, vibe, energy, gut instinct on something according to their or its actions, and works.

In the right here and now. Not in the past or future. Right now.

From a positive aspect, in boxing, that sometimes supernatural happens more often than not in the form of upsets which can and do happen. On a quite consistent regularity as a matter of fact.

As for ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard, he held a professional boxing record of 36-3-1-25 KO.

Leonard is considered one of the best boxers that ever lived.

He held world titles in five different weight divisions during his time.

A maestro and wizard in boxing’s inexplicable occasions of practical sweet science erudition:

Leonard, a gent and a boxing scholar!

(Photo credit: Ray Leonard Twitter)


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