What Is Going On With The Calamity Of The Undisputed Fight

What Is Going On With The Calamity Of The Undisputed Fight

Boxing is certainly atypical.

That much is fair.

In recent times it appeared that the undisputed heavyweight title fight between Fury and Joshua was close to be signed but we are still no closer to getting a definite fight date and venue just yet.

The longer this goes on the longer fans’ frustration will boil over.

If this fight falls apart at the last minute, really, some serious questions will no doubt be asked.

One can imagine how furious Anthony Joshua will be in particular if this fight falls apart.

As for Fury, likely he will be grand and could still take a third fight with Deontay Wilder and both would do very well as a plan B.

Joshua though would be left in total oblivion.

Hopefully in the coming days, at last, more clarity one way or another, will exist for boxing fans.

In terms of what is going with the heavyweight belts at the moment.

A good heavyweight fight to look forward to this weekend with former champion Andy Ruiz against Arreola.

Yes, it might not go the distance, but from a purely fight style point of view it should result in a great fight to watch as long as it lasts.