Some World Titles need to get their act together just a small bit

Look, it’s too bloody easy to criticize. No one perfect.

We’ve taken the high road recently on leaving boxing politics completely alone moving forward.

Leaving it in the garbage. Where it belongs.

What we will say is this though.

Boxing is actually trying to do better the moment. Believe it or not. We know that might be a bit hard to understand but it is.

For instance, Mendoza in the WBA did well recently after some terrible judging. The WBA banned one of the judges in a fight involving Roman Gonzalez from judging a fight for the WBA.

On an amateur level, even those numpties in Switzerland are starting to up their game it appears.

Also, good to see a gentleman in Russia trying hard and his best at the moment it would appear.

All you can ask is people try their best. In fairness. That’s all anyone can do.

That being said, there is some quick wins and garbage that could easily be taken out of aspects of the world titles in boxing.

Things like the continental belts are highly spurious and **** concepts. No good. Get rid of them.

Also things like the WBO European belt.

What the **** is that who gives a **** about Europe. You’re meant to be a World Title first. Don’t you get it. That **** used to actually mean something. It can again too. Boxing is about the best fighting the best.

With respect, **** whatever they do in Europe. That’s their business. Let them worry about that nonsense. Who cares about it. Not us. Okay, UK is different, they have a good Boxing Board and have some great traditions in their titles in fairness but as for Europe, nah, **** that, let them Europeans handle that European blah blah blah title stuff. Let their authorities look after that crap. Adios to that garbage. The World Titles should focus on the World Titles. Simple.

All in all, at least boxing is trying now. Fair play.

We’ll be finally going home to America very shortly and counting the days down now, can’t wait to go home at this stage. It’s being a very long road and journey in truth. But it’s only beginning. We’ll be relocating this website for work where the majority of you guys are now for us, our readers in America. A genuine heartfelt thank you for all the kind support over the years with reading this website.

We know who’s who and who’s done what. Forgive but never forget. No doubt some of them have seen very real consequences in their businesses or families by this point one would imagine. What goes around comes around. Alas, God doesn’t make mistakes.

All in all, thankful to all of you most importantly, for unbelievable support with your readership growing this year in particular.

Have enjoyed this final trip to Turkey on the long road home to America these last few years. Great country and highly recommended place. Ramadan here at the moment.

Will just have to wait to hit the gym when home in America with stuff closed over here but that’s understandable given the world situation.


Teofimo Lopez Makes Good Point On Ryan Garcia Withdrawal

Teofimo Lopez Makes Good Point On Ryan Garcia Withdrawal

Very, very tough going and difficult on the mental health with no access to a gym for so long. Very hard to live without the gym daily. Have used restraint and not punched the odd Turk here and there in recent weeks. Doing good. All food and drink allergies finally found and diet corrected now. Really made an amazing difference to mental health. Excuse the language above. Have not had a good night’s sleep in nearly 3 months now due to the crazy insane amount of noise every night where currently staying. Will be switching accommodation soon to finally get a good night’s sleep. Made the mistake of eating red meat earlier. Nearly lost the old cool and hit some random Turks earlier for no reason. Can’t eat red meat ever again, makes me crazy aggressive. What a blunder today. Have to be very careful with diet just to function in life. When eat right, am perfect. Eat the wrong thing and gone for the day. People here very good for the most part. Excellent place and weather now too. Luckily thank God.

For the first time in months. What a difference the sunshine makes also. Unbelievable. Content, at peace and humble but a lot more to go on this journey with our publication in the years ahead. We are just getting started and much hard work to do. A big thanks to our small but tight circle international team at BNAV too. Amazing people. Lots of interviews with boxers coming up over the summer time. It’s about the boxers at the end of the day. That is what we believe at Boxing News and Views at least.


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George Foreman Spot On About Sylvester Stallone

Great place overall Turkey but that dumb Istanbul airport place to be avoided if possible. Terrible airport and shocking service from those Turkish Airlines people recently. Missing what would have been a great trip to Jerusalem for Easter. Still absolutely gutted and very f***** angry about that but **** it anyway. Back on here regular now and great boxing content to come soon thank God.

Overall, boxing is going well.

By this summer some excellent fights to look forward to.

Enjoy it and roll on.


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Remembering A Boxing Hero Who Was A Champion Outside The Ring Too