Tyson Fury Reveals Lean Physique For Next Fight

Tyson Fury Reveals Lean Physique Ahead Of Next Fight-min

While the extremely concerning and frankly deplorable situation for the undisputed fight looks no more clear than it did last week, lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has not been letting this get to him.

Why should he either.

Or Joshua for that matter.

This looks like the ugly head of boxing politics striking again.

Swiftly moving on.

Fury has been training hard and getting ready for his next fight.

Whoever it is against and is in trim condition already:

Fair play. Can’t beat hard work at the end of the day. Talk and idol action, idol thinking or idol indecision is cheap. Work is better. Work wins.

Standing alongside coach Hill it will be interesting to see the next iteration of Fury’s boxing development and improvement.

Fury showed a more aggressive mentality against Deontay Wilder in their rematch last year.

Seemingly inspired by the legendary Kronk boxing gym — of which Hill comes from — mindset of looking to close the show inside the distance.

Not leaving it in the hands of the judges and the boxer being the judge themselves.

News on Fury’s next fight should be forthcoming soon.


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