Remembering A Boxing Hero Who Was A Champion Outside The Ring Too

Remembering A Boxing Hero Who Was A Champion Outside The Ring Too

During a sporadic start of the year for boxing this year we’ve been trying to pay more attention to historical fighters and figures as boxing finally gets back on its feet properly as the year progresses.

Looking back at legends of the game.

One fighter we’ve forgot to mention on here before was one Archie Moore.

Its seems as apt a time as ever with the way the world is at the moment, this last year and a bit.

With light at the end of the tunnel now on the way for the world Moore embodied plenty of light in his lifetime.

Moore, renowned for being the longest reigning light-heavyweight champion of all time (1952-1962), left a great legacy outside of the ring too.

Not many know about it, though.

A fighter who while fighting on the road in Argentina once caught the attention of the Argentinian President and his wife at the time for selfless acts like buying Argentinian kids clothes and shoes.

They even offered him the title of Minister of Welfare for Children in Argentina but he politely declined, in order to continue his boxing.

He would later found a revered non profit called ‘Any boy can’ designed to help kids of all ages and instill discipline, respect and confidence.

One can’t help if there were a few more Archie Moore’s around these days that things wouldn’t be as screwed up as they are in the world.

A very unique individual and a very good fighter: