George Foreman Spot On About Sylvester Stallone

When one attempts to recollect iconic boxing movies, you don’t have to look very far than to the Rocky movies.

Many will have grown up with the legendary movies, or even for those that didn’t, to the new generation of boxing fans, the marathon of Rocky 1 to 6 is highly recommended.

Everyone has their favorite one of course.

Perhaps the first one taking it all the way back to the old school the best for us. The last one good in its own way too.

Alas, as is always the way, they’ve released more remakes since that too.

Oldest Heavyweight Champion in boxing history and Born Again Christian George Foreman made a good point though.

In that, one should take into account Stallone’s overall body of work, which is, overall, superb:

The actor himself dropping some wisdom of his own Twitter account only yesterday here:

For any boxing fans who have only started watching boxing in recent years — this movie series a highly recommended and enjoyable watch:


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Remembering A Boxing Legend Who Would Have Celebrated Birthday Today