Son of Boxing Legend Making Noise At Heavyweight

While the heavyweight division at the very top of the class is on fire at the moment with talks of an undisputed fight, there is a lot of activity in the entire division going unnoticed in some quarters.

New contenders are emerging frequently with all of them vying to try to fight their way up the ladder to the elusive top ten.

Knowing that if they can crack into it, and then ultimately climb towards a title shot, with boxing back in the mainstream now, life changing opportunities could await.

One such fighter who has gone under the radar is the son of former heavyweight champion Tommy ‘The Duke’ Morrison no less.

Also starring in iconic movie ‘Rocky 5’.

Morrison retired from the sport early after contracting HIV following what he described as a fast and reckless life with too many women and drugs, and too much money and fame at a young age.

His later passed away in 2013. Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace.

His son seemingly is a chip off the old block now in the heavyweight division these days. Not many have picked up on it however.

Trey Lippe Morrison has shown a tremendous left hook in his pro career already.

A rapid tenure that has seen the 31-year-old already race to 17-0-17 KO recently scoring this stoppage win only very recently this month:

If he can tighten up his defense, keep working hard and keep pushing, perhaps he could contend in some big fights in the near future.

An exciting fighter in the division to watch out for certainly.

His father was one of the great heavyweights of his time and a ruthless knockout merchant:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)

Also, an honorable mention and appearance here in Rocky 5:


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