Talented Southpaw not happy with officials and people agree with him

In what was considered the real boxing fight at the weekend, ironically, it was that bout that caused the most controversy when all was said and done.

Standout southpaw Regis Prograis of Texas fought Ivan Redkach in Atlanta but was less than happy with the officiating of how things ended.

Speaking on his official Twitter account he said following the fight:

He makes a fair point.

While it has been great to see and very much appreciated what some of these States have done for boxing in recent months, it should also be noted for balance that some of the officiating has not been good.

While many continue to go from strength to strength and put on more of the biggest fights in boxing on, one would hope that the various Athletic Commissions can try to improve.

Nobody is perfect of course but the more boxing grows the less human error that occurs the less boxing will be dragged back a step.

As it continues to take two steps forward as a sport all the time now.


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