YouTube star Jake Paul notched up his third professional boxing win and knockout on Saturday following a first round win over Ben Askren.

At the start of his pro boxing venture he called out one Conor McGregor from the world of UFC.

Only to never really hear anything back.

McGregor fought in professional boxing a few years ago against Floyd Mayweather.

The biggest event still in boxing history in terms of the interest it generated.

Speaking to EsNews after his fight on Saturday, Paul said:

“Conor McGregor, I want Conor McGregor.”

While there hasn’t been a lot of interest, never say never. Particularly in this new bizarre combat sports world boxing appears to find itself in.

A sphere where YouTube stars and UFC fighters are jumping into the boxing ring more and more.

Overall, it can only be a good thing for boxing — as it brings more fans to the sport thank you very much.

With the caveat, that it has to be done in the right way and people take things seriously and show the sport the correct respect.

Otherwise, it will only end one way for them.

This whole fad also shows just how strong the sport of boxing is worldwide.

It is leading the way perhaps more than any sport during this strange and adverse last year or so.

One gets the sense that somewhere along the line, when one of these YouTube or MMA guys steps in there with the wrong professional boxer, it is going to end in tears.

Maximum respect though for getting in there.

Until then, these YouTube and MMA fighters are only helping the sport of boxing as times goes on by bringing more audience to boxing.

Very good.


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